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14th International Modelica Conference, 2021-09-22:

Paper at the 14th International Modelica Conference summarizing the research results of EMPHYSIS and the eFMI Standard. The paper is comprehensive and highly recommended for an introductory overview about the eFMI Standard.

Oliver Lenord, Martin Otter, Christoff Bürger, Michael Hussmann, Pierre Le Bihan, Jörg Niere, Andreas Pfeiffer, Robert Reicherdt and Kai Werther.
“eFMI: An open standard for physical models in embedded software”.
In: Proceedings of the 14th International Modelica Conference 2021.
Modelica Association, September 2021, pages 57-71.
DOI: 10.3384/ecp2118157.
Paper (pdf). Video with audio (mp4).

Jubilée Symposium 2019: Future Directions of System Modeling and Simulation

Standardizing eFMI for embedded systems with physical models in the production code software (abstract, slides, video)

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